Tasting Notes: Whanganui Dry Gin

Our Whanganui Dry Gin has been hand-crafted and small batch, single-shot distilled in the tradition of a London Dry Gin. Traditional as well as contemporary botanicals are distilled together into our modern twist on an age-old classic.


Juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, pink peppercorn, mint, almond, lemon peel, orange peel.


Tasting notes:

Juniper notes present forward like they should in any classic London Dry Gin. Dwell on the velvety smooth mouthfeel as the flavours evolve and round off into a citrus and subtle mint noted finish.

Drink with:

Papaiti Whanganui Dry is the perfect base for an anytime of the day G&T. We love it with neutral or citrus-forward tonic waters, but it also pairs well with soda water, or your mixer of choice.

For something a little bit more sophisticated, combine it into a delicious Negroni:

🍸 30ml Whanganui Dry Gin

🍸 30ml Campari

🍸 30ml sweet vermouth

Combine all ingredients and stir vividly. Then pour into an ice-filled tumbler and garnish with a slice of orange. We do like to add a tiny squeeze of freshly pressed orange, but that’s personal preference and entirely up to you. 🍊

Two Negroni tumblers sitting on a wooden bench in front of greenery

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