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Papaiti Gin

Gin Crafting Classes

Gin Crafting Classes

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For classes taking place after 1 June 2024. If you wish to take a class before 1 June, please click here.

Ever thought about making your own gin? Here's your opportunity: take a peak behind the scenes of Whanganui's first Craft Gin Distillery and learn everything there is about botanicals, distilling and, of course, crafting gin.

This is as hands-on as it gets: you'll be introduced to a wide range of botanicals (and can even bring your own, if you have a special flavour in mind), pick your own mix and learn how to use a small Alembic copper still. And yes, you definitely get to take home your very own bottle of gin. Our master distiller Adrian will guide you through the whole process. 

Please note: we're working with two small copper stills, Luna & Sputnik. Groups will share stills and develop a recipe together. Each participant will take home a 700ml bottle of the gin they crafted. We do keep recipes on file, so if you'd like to re-order gin you made in a Gin Crafting Class with us, you can do so.

Location: All classes will take place in our Papaiti Gin Distillery, 454 State Highway 4, Upokongaro/Whanganui

Duration: Classes will take about 2.5-3 hours. 

Preparation: You don't need to prepare at all, but if you want you can bring botanicals you'd like to use with you and already think about what you would like your gin to taste like before your class.

1 participant: $195.00
2 participants: $290.00
3 participants: $385.00
4 participants: $480.00
5 participants: $575.00
6 participants: $670.00

If you'd like to gift someone else a Gin Crafting Class, you can buy a Papaiti Gin Gift Card here.

Contact if you have any further questions, want to increase the number of participants or need to reschedule your booking.

Prices listed above valid from 1 June 2024.

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