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The Whanganui Distilling Co Ltd t/a Papaiti Gin

Mountains to Sea Gin 700ml

Mountains to Sea Gin 700ml

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Papaiti Gin's latest creation: the Mountains-to-Sea gin! 

Our Mountains to Sea gin is an aromatic experience focused on native botanicals carefully selected to reflect the journey of the Whanganui River - Te Awa Tupua from its source in the mountains of the central plateau to the sea at Whanganui. 

Horopito represents the mountains, manuka leaf the river and rimurapa (bull kelp) the sea. These are single-shot distilled together with orchard pears, grapefruit peel, lime peel and a selection of traditional gin botanicals.

This gin tells a complex, botanical story of our unique place in the world and the environment around us. Enjoy it neat for the full sensory experience or with your mixer of choice.


42% - 700ml

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