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Papaiti Gin

NZ Gin Day Gin - 700ml

NZ Gin Day Gin - 700ml

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A contemporary modern dry gin with a spicey lemon wood aromatic balanced against a fruity and herbaceous palate with silky mouthfeel and fresh pepper finish.

Serve with an Indian tonic water and slice of fresh grapefruit or mixer of your choice.

Distilled By: Elemental Distillers, Marlborough, NZ.

Contributing Distilleries: Juno Gin, National Distillery Company, Sandymount Distillery, 1919 Distilling, Papaiti Gin, Island Gin, Humdinger Gin, Twelfth Hour Gin.

Base Botanicals

  • Wild juniper
  • Coriander seed
  • Organic hops

Contributed botanicals

  • Tarata leaf - Sandymount
  • Makrut leaf- Twelfth Hour
  • Verbena leaf- Juno
  • Cubeb berries- Humdinger
  • Cherry- 1919
  • Honey- Island Gin
  • Hemp seed- Papaiti
  • Lemon zest - NDC



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