Gin Meets Photography in Distillery Exhibition

Gin Meets Photography in Distillery Exhibition

Papaiti Gin, known for its award-winning craft spirits, is excited to announce an innovative fusion of art and distillation with an exhibition, showcasing the photography talents of co-founder and distiller Adrian Rumney.

This captivating exhibition, titled "Beyond the Still: Landscapes Unveiled," will offer a glimpse into the creative vision of Adrian beyond the realms of distillation. Far from the stills and beakers that define our craft, Adrian's lens transports viewers to serene mountains, lush forests, and expansive seascapes.

"We're thrilled to share Adrian's passion for photography with our community," says Nikki Oesterle, spokesperson for Papaiti Gin. "This exhibition serves as a testament to Adrian's multifaceted talents and provides a new perspective on the artistic endeavours of our team."

The collection features a diverse range of landscapes captured by Adrian during his travels across the country. From the rugged beauty of remote wilderness to the tranquil allure of hidden gems, each photograph invites viewers on a journey of exploration and discovery.

Adrian Rumney Photpgraphy Castlecliff

What sets "Beyond the Still: Landscapes Unveiled" apart is its departure from the traditional narrative associated with distilleries. While the art of crafting fine spirits remains at the heart of Papaiti Gin's ethos, this exhibition underscores the depth of creativity and expression inherent in our team.

"We want to challenge perceptions and inspire dialogue," adds Nikki Oesterle. "This exhibition is a celebration of artistry in all its forms, and we're excited to invite our community to experience Adrian's captivating vision."

As part of Whanganui’s Artist Open Studios event, "Beyond the Still: Landscapes Unveiled" will be open to the public from 15 March to 24 March at the Papaiti Gin Distillery. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the beauty of Adrian's photographic journey and discover a new dimension of the Papaiti Gin experience.

AOS Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12-4, Sat & Sun 10-3

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